How Milwaukee is Better than Los Angeles

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About This Blog

DevilsLake_bouldersHi. My name is Jennifer King and this is my blog.

This blog started as a bit of a joke between my brother, Steve, and I. You see, we were raised in California, just outside of Los Angeles, with our parents and grandparents. Once I graduated high school, I decided to find somewhere a lot more peaceful to settle down and work on my life long dream of becoming an artist. What better place to do that than a small town in Wisconsin!

Since then, my brother has been trying his best to get me to move back to LA. He claims that things are so much better there. There are more fun things, more opportunities, more of everything. Well, I completely disagree!

I love it here in the North East part of Wisconsin!

My new blog is for his benefit, where the North East bangs Los Angeles any day of the week!  So there, Steve, eat that!

And for everyone else, I will be discussing fun things to do and see in the North East parts of Wisconsin so that everyone will take my side and we can dominate the world together! Bwahaha! You can contact me by clicking here.

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