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How Milwaukee is Beter than Las Angeles

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The Little White Schoolhouse

The Little White Schoolhouse, also known as the republican schoolhouse, is known as the place where the Republican Party was born.  This schoolhouse is considered a National Historic Landmark and is located in Ripon, Wisconsin.  The schoolhouse has been moved many times over the years.

211871c560236bbc79e7dce9e6d03183The schoolhouse was built in 1853 at the original location in Ripon, Wisconsin, a young town at the time.  It was considered quite the modern school of the era as Alvan Bovay, a transplant from New York, founded it.  As the founder, Bovay used his position to get into politics further.  He founded the Republican Party within the very walls of the schoolhouse at a meeting for the locals of the area.

It didn’t take long for the town to outgrow the tiny building, so a larger building of brick was built to replace it.  The original schoolhouse was sold and used as a home for the Wisconsin governor, George Peck.

The original schoolhouse was in danger of being demolished by the early twentieth century as it had become inhabitable.  Because it was historically significant, though, it was decided to try and preserve the building instead.

With the introduction of the Kansas-Nebraska Bill in 1854, opposition grew.  The Democratic Party, the dominant party of the time, championed the Bill.  Several of the smaller parties at the time, including the Free Soil Party and the Whig Party, opposed the Bill and there was some splintering in the Democratic Party.  Bovay, the founder of the schoolhouse in Ripon, led the opposition and went out to gather support in opposition of the Bill from members of all the parties that were local.  On March 20th, he called a meeting.  At that meeting, the Free Soil party and the Whig party decided to dissolve themselves and create a new party, the Republican Party.  At that time, many Democrats defected and joined them as well.  Word of the new party spread, thanks to the publicity from the NY Tribune, and other state and local chapters joined the party as well.

If you decide to take a trip to Wisconsin, be sure to check out this awesome landmark!

The Birth of the Harley

Did you know that the corporate headquarters of Harley Davidson is located here in Wisconsin?  Yep, true story! In fact!  I flew all the way from Oklahoma just to learn about these motorcycles before I bought one.  The most popular brand of motorcycles started here!  Harley Davidson motorcycles have gotten so popular that a broad range of the population enjoys riding them. They offer a wide range of motorcycles and can accommodate nearly everyone’s needs. Harley was the biggest supplier of motorcycles for the USA military. Motorcycle racing really has been a tremendous part of Harley Davidson, almost from the start of the business.

Harley-Davidson-750cc-XA-Military-MotorcycleThink motorcycles and also the name Harley Davidson springs to mind. Harley Davidson stickers aren’t only about building a statement. Harley Davidson saddlebags come in quite a few looks as well as styles. The various types of Harley Davidson boots are incredibly comfortable to wear, and they’re long-lasting too. This is the reason, even if what it is you are buying is a used Harley, the excitement remains the very same. Get the additional accessories and give them of the right beginning to love Harley’s. Harley’s exterior paint provides a different look too. Harley riders are generally known to get great brand loyalty.

When in very good condition, vintage Harley clothing can be very valuable and pricey! During the past few years as days gone by, plenty of Harley models are presented. There are lots of lady riders in the whole world. It’s a great thing that Harley Davidson can provide many different styles, designs, colors, and sizes that will cater to each man or woman.

Currently, there’s a huge collection of choices for a Harley jacket. Harley sunglasses are available in all colors and styles so make sure to find the one which matches your biker attitude!

Harley-Davidson motorcycles can be found in the city via an authorized dealer. The motorcycle wheels can roll in almost any region in just about any place. A number of the Harley-Davidson pieces serve as supplementary pieces. Some Harley-Davidson parts function as an accessory. In these days, buying Harley motorcycle parts online makes lots of sense.

You can take a break assured that your new or second-hand motorcycle is really in the finest of hands when you get service at a Harley dealership. Boots protect the riders feet and reduced legs within the case of a crash. Many bike enthusiasts utilize this site in order to locate motorcycles. Be certain to always put on a helmet and protective gear.

The seat provides the rider comfort when cruising later on. Bike accidents are rather common and therefore a great deal of precaution should be taken before riding motorcycles. Whenever these bikes are totally loaded, they are able to weigh up to 800 pounds.